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"Why I Left My Children,"

"My Imperfect Mother,"

"No More Hibakusha," The Progressive Media Project:

"Why Do Single Mothers Get Shafted?" The Huffington Post:

"The Moment I Knew," The Huffington Post:
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"The Gender Gap in Motherhood," The Huffington Post:

Interview with Sarah Hampson, The Globe and Mail:

“Caretaking: Who Knew It Was a Summer Camp Choice?”

"Becoming an Excellent Dad," on

"It Started at Hedgebrook," on The Farmhouse Table:

Interview with Justin Tedaldi, The Examiner:

"Truth Telling," guest blog,

“Looking at Ground Zero from the Original Ground Zero,” guest blog,

Interview with Laura Dunning, "A Writer's Blog":

Quality of Life at the End of Life,” The Huffington Post:

Hiroshima: The Lesson We Never Learned,” The Huffington Post:

"Guns in School," The Huffington Post:

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