Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Your Day

Thinking about Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day.  Our best Presidents, the ones we really need, are pathmakers.  Writers are also pathmakers.  Someone (okay, an incredible writer and a witch) once told me that I was a pathmaker, that it was my job to walk into the dark forest and make a path so others could follow, and so others could make their own paths off of mine.  I loved this image – who wouldn’t? – and when I shared it with another incredible writer friend, she looked at me kindly and said, “of course.”  As in, of course, you silly child, we (writers, artists, lovers, creative thinkers) are ALL pathmakers, how could it be that you are only now understanding this about your forty-something year old self?”

So I am writing today to celebrate President’s Day.  I am going to clear the path all the way through Chapter Two of my new book.  I am doing it at the temporary expense of the two manuscripts on my desk that I have to read, and in doing that – putting myself above others! – and I am also celebrating Valentine’s Day.  For how can I give love without understanding how to love myself?  How can I offer myself in service unless I have nurtured the strength I need to serve?  For me, that means feeding that thing I do best, that makes me whole: my writing.

Hey Obama, Happy "Your" Day.  What a beautiful morning to pick up your sword or scythe or shining heart or Buddha nature and start clearing that path to health and peace so the rest of us can follow.  

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