Friday, March 25, 2011

Future thoughts

A bit of wise advice:
"The point is not to fix anything.  The point is to create anew."
I think of this when I watch the radiation leaking into vast swathes of Japan and listen to the excuses, as if to say that, if we can blame this tragedy on incompetence or a freak occurrence or strange foreign ways we do not have to worry about the caged tiger in our own livingroom.

I think of this when I see the pictures of the dead baby dolphins washing upon our Gulf beaches and read that we "may never know why so many animals are dying."  No, in our oil-infused, dispersant-saturated waters, we may never know.

It is up to us to imagine a new relationship with our planet if we want to have a future on it.  Not in fear, but with care and clear vision.

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