Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One year

Today is the day I must choose different words.  To leave "my mother just passed away" behind and embrace "my mother died one year ago." It is something of a shock.  It is sudden.  Yet, there it is.  A new year.

This is the two of us, when she was the age that I am now.

I don't know what this day is called, the anniversary of a passing.  Today, please keep my family in your thoughts.


valerie gilbert said...

How beautiful you both are! Blessings of love to you both. Your bond and joy in each other is palpable, and never dies...

valerie gilbert said...
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Buyers Broker said...

Time does not pass; it collects. You have never lost time; you have gained experience. The experience of life without your mother blends with the experience of life with your mother, and all becomes with your mother. She loved deeply and well. Love deeply and well in return.

Malama pono.

Bill Jardine